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We aim to conserve bumblebees and the habitats in which they live

Our newsletter
Includes help with identifying bees, tips on attracting them to your garden, and sites to see some of the rarer species



Encouraging farmers to adopt ELS and allow wildlife back onto farms

Establishing reserves in sensitive areas to protect threatened species

Campaigning against developments that threaten important habitats

Highlighting the illegal use of non-native bees for pollination

 Advising landowners and reserve wardens on conservation issues




Our newsletter is full of interesting facts and information
events and activities teach people more about bumblebees

We give talks and run events for interested groups and schools

Our interactive website is a useful resource for interested parties


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Our members
Learning how to identify different bumblebee species at one of our members days


New! Download a recording form here and join the hunt for the rare Blaeberry Bumblebee (Bombus monticola).


Searching for the rare Blaeberry bumblebee (B. monticola) in the Highlands of Scotland


The range (past and present) of the Blaeberry bumblebee, compiled using the existing BWARS atlas with the help of BBCT members

The beautiful but threatened Blaeberry bumblebee (B. monticola) - BBCT's emblem